Shadowsocks - MacOs - How to use it.

In this article I will teach you how to use Shadowsocks inside MacOs

1. First thing you will need to download Shadowsocks client for MacOs, please go to the official Shadowsocks page here and download the MacOs client.


2. After downloading open the Shadowsocks app and find it in the system tray icons. Click on it, go to Servers and select Server Preferences


3. Inside the Shadowsocks app pres add and fill the form with your details

  • Address - the Shadowsocks IP you had purchased
  • Port - the port of the Shadowsocks IP you had purchased
  • Encryption - chacha20-ietf-poly1305
  • Password - your proxy password


4. To enable it, go in the system tray icons, search for Shadowsocks, click on it and select Global Mode


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